Pastor's Message continued
Jason Rutherford First, our building will be closed through March 31 at a minimum, with a reassessment at the end of the month. This, however, does not mean church is closed. We are people of faith and we have options. One alternative is through the internet. I am working out an online way for Tuesday evening Bible Study and Sunday morning worship. Currently, I have a Zoom account that you can access by computer or phone from The number you call is 646.876.9923, and the code that you enter when prompted is 474 079 4171. Also, you can go to the church website, and click on the online worship button and that will work as well. If this doesn't work for you, or you have questions about getting started, please call me at 781.974.2495 and I will talk you through it. The time will begin Sunday morning at 11 am, and last approximately thirty minutes to 11:30.

Currently, the Administration and Finance Board of the church is working on keeping us on track with our budget, income and expenses, and have encouraged us all to mail our offerings in at this time. The mailing address is PO Box 2415, Framingham, MA 01703.

Also, the deacons will be considering how to best bring us together for Holy Week and Easter. We have not made a concrete decision, however, if the Governor's ban is still in place, one possibility is to meet outside in the front yard, if weather permits. The most hopeful scenario is to be indoors, but that decision is still a couple of weeks away.

Most importantly, please remember we are people of faith, and our praying, fellowship, and ministry to one another will continue. We have phones, computers, and beautiful weather with the miracle of spring unfolding before us. We can stay in touch. This is a call to worship and celebrate the blessing we are to one another. If you are hoping to reach someone and need a contact number, I have them and will do my best to place you in touch if you need to reach someone.

My current plan is to send out weekly updates as the plans for spring and summer come together. God bless you, and I look forward to communicating again very soon.


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